Is now the time..?

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Is now the time for those of us, asking for a conscious world, to step up?
What actions can we choose that are from space, possibilities and chaos instead of reaction, hate and fear?

Keep on asking for what you would like to create!
Keep on being you!
Keep on expanding and be the ease that the world requires!

Know that every single one of YOUR choices can change the entire world!

What if you are not alone and what if this is the time for us to get our voices heard?



Beach yoga!

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Thank you @gypsea_yogini for great private yoga session this morning! What a gift to breathe with the waves of the ocean!

I asked for to move my body on the beach this morning and then this wonderful yoga teacher showed up ?

Ready for the snow ???
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LA Life

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I’m celebrating this amazing planet and my life today!!! We’ve been staying in Beverly Hills at the Mondrian Hotel (the sky bar wow, rooms – hmm…)
Then driving the amazing Mulholland Rd and Mulholland Highway, ending up in Malibu where we spent the night at the cosy Malibu Country Inn after long walks on the beach and enjoying the mountains we are now at the Santa Monica Ocean Beach Hotel.
We had two days in LA and we enjoyed every second!

la la1

Until next time Cabo San Lucas!

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Last day in Cabo San Lucas before 4 days in LA… It’s been a very diverse adventure I must say….

What we didn’t know was that this a total party place with loud music and speed boats, water taxis and cruise ships, and on top of that, constant noise from the reconstruction of the beach house of our hotel.
Drugs are all over and the dealers works open on the beach…

To be honest it took many days for me to be able to relax and receive nature here as I was busy with judging what was going on…

Interesting point of view I have these points of view..!

It doesn’t create much to judge does it..? I forgot to be grateful! I forgot to create every moment as an irresistible one. Instead I created a dead computer, food poisoning x2 and no will to create.
I forgot to ask questions and choose..

Yesterday, after reminding my self by watching a couple of videos on YouTube with my amazing friends Dain Heer, Gary Douglas and Blossom Benedict Vanderpol, I’m grateful, light and in creation mode again.
I managed to shift the energy with allowance… I basically lowered my
Barriers to it all.

And I asked what it would take to really receive nature and the kindness and give it back, to everywhere it is asked for.

Writing this almost makes me cry! It’s all very beautiful and the gift of endless possibilities is so gorgeously chaotic and fun.. And what ever I choose it to be ???

Thank you for reading! Until next time….❣

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Earth and you

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Listen to my friend Dain Heer talk about how to let pain be a contribution.

And omg! Just breathe in the energy of the land he is surrounded by!!!

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Dream come true!

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I’ve dreamt about doing this for a long time and now guess who’s in the air?

It was woooooonderful!!! So peaceful and sweet!

What more adventures can I ask for? ????

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Mermaid mode

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Hi there from a really beautiful beach on an island just outside Cabo San Lucas! On one side high waves are hitting the cliffs and on the other side it’s calm and lots of seals abs sea lions and parrot fish ???

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From above

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LA is getting close….

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