Shoot jaunt around Stockholm with Andrea Belluso

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I am in the amazing photographer Andrea Belluso´s blogg this month! See all the pics and get inspired by his incredible way of creating a photo shoot!

I had the honour to have my photos taken by the magical photographer Andrea Belluso and of course the few hours we had (to catch the light in dark winter Stockholm) became an fun adventure!
I wanted to do a series of pictures for my upcoming workshops and inspirational events and asked Andrea to be my photographer and the super amazing MUA Eleonor Bergman to do hair and make up. Two of my favourite people to work with in a photo shoot!

As often for a day of shooting we started early at Eleonors home studio (follow here!, I really love to start my day with Eleonor and her never ending inspiration to make me feel beautiful inside and out! We had such a dear and fun fun morning and when the sun started to rise outdoors, we were done with the last bit of my hair. Right in time for pick up by mr Andrea Belluso! Follow him too @


If you live in Sweden or have been there during the winter, you know it can be really cold! This was one of those days and we really wanted to be outside to catch the gorgeous surroundings of Stockholm. So, I put layers and more layers to not freeze to death and asked my body to warm me up. In some of the pics I have clothes that I really didn’t plan! Like a black leather jacket (my favourite from HUGO BOSS) sticking out under my golden beige velvet coat (vintage), and I just didn’t mind actually. Its all just an interesting point of view of whats good looking anyways isn’t it?

I know one of Andreas biggest talents is playing with lights and I totally trust that what ever conditions, he will create something really awesome! Although I really wanted to have a crisp and clear day for the energy of the pics and one of the questions i asked the day before was what it would take to have a clear crisp day for the shoot? And universe provide if you just ask so clear it was!


One of the greatest things with being in front of the camera is that if only one person gets inspired in some way by the pic, the world has changed to the better in some way. And I am all in for inspiring people in all possible ways. Being in front of the camera is one of all those ways and my motto is ”if its fun and creates more of what you would like, just chose it”!

”If you are choosing your life today, what would you choose right away?” Gary M Douglas

Today I am choosing to write this blogg post. I don’t give my self time to write that often and what else can I choose here? I really enjoy writing and sharing pics and inspiration with you all.

The photo day ended in the sun set at the beautiful lake where Andrea and his wife to be as well as my good friend and colleague, Amanda lives. The pic with her is a beautiful shot where I kind of wanted to say, we are never alone. Universe, nature and our friends have our backs.
And the joy of knowing that is intense and so beautiful!


The day ended with us all (me Andrea, Amanda and Juffe the dog that you will se if you look at Andreas Blogg post from this day) getting our bodies warm again with a big cup of tea in their cosy flat.

What else can I ask for?

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