What if you didn’t had to be perfect..?

Blogg 30 september, 2016

If your life didn´t have to be perfect, what would you choose? Thank you Dain Heer for a great video!…


Blogg 29 september, 2016

#canon5dmarkIII #curacao #irresistibleliving #photo #thisismyearth #travel #photobyjohnbootsman

New Bars video up!

Blogg 29 september, 2016

When I first heard about Access Bars I thought the person telling me about it was absolutely nuts! I was…

Bars for peace!

Blogg 21 september, 2016

Hihi! It’s so much fun to like with hearts today! ?❤️??? International peace day! Hurray! As I know that Peace…

Bye for now Roma

Blogg 19 september, 2016

Bye Rome for this time! What a intense, fun and life changing adventure! #gratefulforitall #adifferentadventure #choiceofpossibilities #rome #irresistibleadventure #different #grateful

Dream team!

Blogg 16 september, 2016

The lovely amazing dream ”stream” team (we’re missing Liam in the pic)! So happy and grateful to create with all…

Being YOU!

Blogg 16 september, 2016

Awesome ”A Taste of Being Limitless” with Dr Dain Heer! #rome #beingyou #accessconsciousness #adifferentadventure


Blogg 15 september, 2016

Good morning beautiful Rome! View from the terrace 😀 I love to wake up in new cities and talk a…

Gotta love Bars!!

Blogg 7 september, 2016

Amazing, beautiful new video about Access Bars! Welcome to come and learn this amazing process on October 2nd in Stockholm!


Blogg 6 september, 2016

Amazing friend! THANK YOU for the magical Bars class we created yesterday! Thank you for your questions that opened up…