Different kind of workspace

Blogg 31 augusti, 2016

One of today’s three offices. Creation in these ten seconds.. A website for Lena Göthe! #lenagöthe #pluspil #gypsieworkspace #creating #fun…

Chaos and order

Blogg 31 augusti, 2016

I have been starting to ask to create, choose and be what no one else has ever chosen before. This…

Thank you!!!

Blogg 30 augusti, 2016

Thank you to all the amazing people that showed up yesterday to try Bars!! 43 people received Bars during the…


Blogg 25 augusti, 2016

Happy body!

Blogg 21 augusti, 2016

WOW! I am so grateful for all of you that showed up and swopped Access Body processes with me today….

Beautiful potency

Blogg 13 augusti, 2016

This is so freakin’ beautiful! The potency, the kindness, the energy of having each others backs. WOW! What if all marriages would…


Blogg 12 augusti, 2016

Gifting and receiving Access Bars with lovely Rebecka & Katarina! <3 SO amazingly relaxing and yummy!      

Fun creation!

Blogg 9 augusti, 2016

Having fun creating with fun people ???? ‪ #sooninyourcity #fun #creating #irresistibleliving #adifferentadventure #tour2016/17 #whatelseispossible

Home sweet home

Blogg 5 augusti, 2016

Not so bad to come home to Stockholm after all! I looooove to pick fresh things from the garden where…

Beautiful Lisbon

Blogg 4 augusti, 2016

In love with Lisbon! Happy to have 6 hours to enjoy this beautiful and friendly city on our way to…