Magic in Rome!

Blogg 30 juni, 2016

Arrived to my gorgeous room with a garden in wonderful Rome! I’m here to participate in a class called Maestro….


Blogg 30 juni, 2016

Fun play at a gorgeous little beach in the backyards of St Tropez! #France #sttropez #fun #adifferentadventure #irresistibleliving #södergrenrules ???


Blogg 25 juni, 2016

Driving through the beautiful Swedish countryside! Been up in Rättvik with John and visited our amazing horse Gareth Boko. Thank you…

Photo fun!

Blogg 21 juni, 2016

I´ve been playing with photos all day long, editing, taking them, sending them to clients. And I had so much…


Blogg 20 juni, 2016

A magic moment at the Hardanger Fjorden in Norway. It’s just something special when land and sky is being reflected in…

Windy and beautiful

Blogg 17 juni, 2016

Wind in my hair in Hardangerfjorden!! #howdidigetsolucky #gratitude #irresistibleliving #adifferentadventure #thisismyearth #fastboat #norway #riverdeepmountainhigh

Beautiful Bergen

Blogg 16 juni, 2016

Enjoying a couple of days in beautiful Bergen, Norway! Just ate the best King Crab so far… My body gets…


Blogg 11 juni, 2016

Lots of translation gear required when Access Consciousness is expanding all over the world..!

Warsaw here I come!

Blogg 10 juni, 2016

On my way to Warsaw to film and take photos at the ”Being You Changing the World” class with amazing Dr…

Delicious juice…and funny!

Blogg 6 juni, 2016

The guys at Joe and the Juice cracks me up ??? And their juice is super delicious! And I guess…