ERBJUDANDE, 5 nycklar till förändring!

förstasidan, Möt My 31 maj, 2016

Söker du efter förändring? Vet du att en helt annan verklighet är möjlig? Är det dags för dig att välja…

Well Hello there..!

Blogg 28 maj, 2016

On my way to Copenhagen to stream Business 101&102 with Joy of Business! Greeted by… myself ? Good morning My,…

5 keys to change anything…key #1

Blogg 23 maj, 2016

Key #1 – Be the question When you’re asking a question you open up for infinite possibilities. Then everything around you…

Sleeping beauties

Blogg 21 maj, 2016

Being in class can be very relaxing.. #anewwayofliving #4daysfoundation ‬


Blogg 19 maj, 2016

Nurturing of bodies during the Foundation class! #4daysfoundation #anewwayofliving

Yummy lunch!

Blogg 19 maj, 2016

Lovely lunch with parts of the amazing group #4daysfoundation #anewwayofliving  

The Foundation #3

Blogg 16 maj, 2016

3 days until this adventure starts…4 days of Foundation – a new way of living Is now the time to…

The Foundation #2

Blogg 13 maj, 2016

Talks in My’s sofa about The Foundation class #2..! Want more..? Come join us at The Foundation class 19-22 may…

What if…

Blogg 12 maj, 2016

What if you could fill your life and living with whatever you would like, every moment and every day? I…

The Foundation class!

Blogg 11 maj, 2016

I like having discussions…I like to ask others what’s going on in their world and I love to be inspired…