An Evening of Greatness in Tallinn!!

Blogg 29 april, 2016

Thank you SO much everybody for an amazing vulnerable and expansive evening! I had fun and I am so excited…

Tallinn Bound!

Blogg 29 april, 2016

Some airports are more irresistible than others.. 😉 #helsinkiairport #irresistibleliving #adifferentadventure #letshavesomefun #onmywaytotallinn 29

A different kind of school!

Blogg 27 april, 2016

So many times the last couple of weeks (years) I´ve had discussions with parents that tells me the kids refuse…

Spring is here!

Blogg 26 april, 2016

These wonderful cherry blossoms are the sign that spring has come to Stockholm! The Swedes starts to smile again!!! #spring…

Earth day every day!

Blogg 22 april, 2016

”Be YOU, laugh more, eliminate judgment —-> repeat!” – Dr Dain Heer #earthdayeveryday ‬

Love your body..!

Blogg 22 april, 2016

5 ways to really start loving your body in WorldLifestyle by the brilliant Dr Dain Heer! Read the article HERE!…

Bye for now

Blogg 20 april, 2016

Byebye snow for this time! I love how you sparkle in the sunlight! #thisismyearth #beautifulplanet

Power of the Bars

Blogg 19 april, 2016

I just got a testimonial from a mum who started to give Bars to her daughter and her whole life…

Words of wisdom

Blogg 19 april, 2016

#abrahamhicks #‪wise #beingyou #kingdomofwe #gratefulforme #gratefulforyou #gratefulforwe

Cuddling up

Blogg 17 april, 2016

Cosy time in POD land with the yummy ladies and Juffe Thank you Gary Douglas and Dain Heer for an…