Beautiful talent!

Blogg 30 januari, 2016

What an incredible talent and sweet being! I am crying… She is so vulnerable, just being her – happy and…

Happy body!

Blogg 29 januari, 2016

I loooove to move my body!!! Happy happy happy turned on body! #moveyourbody #happybody #yoga #surfing #bodysurf #swimmingwithdolphins #skiing #swimming…

Having fun facilitating!

Blogg 17 januari, 2016

This is how joyful I BE when facilitating class! It’s one of the things in life that brings me the…

Noosa living!

Blogg 17 januari, 2016

I woke up 5 this morning… took my five finger shoes on and got out for what I thought was…

In the ocean!

Blogg 16 januari, 2016

One of my favourite places to be.. under the water #oz #dolphin #yummy #grateful #SOP #Noosa

SOP in Oz!

Blogg 16 januari, 2016


Tara magazine photoshoot and column!

Blogg, media 14 januari, 2016

I’m so excited to be in this months issue of Tara magazine here in Sweden! As one of the winners…

Hi from Oz!

Blogg 14 januari, 2016

In Tara magazine

Blogg, media 12 januari, 2016

  Some pics from my latest photoshoot with the magazine Tara where I was one of the winners of their…

A different kind of school!

Blogg 9 januari, 2016

Is your school system not enough for you? Do you know there has to be more possible in school?? The…