Blogg 30 april, 2015

Bye for now lovely Edam and crazy Amsterdam!‬ I am blessed to finally spend some time with my wonderful sister Anna…

Morning walk

Blogg 26 april, 2015

Beautiful morning in Edam! #beautyisallaround #edam #takingawalk  

Ladies in Venice

Blogg 26 april, 2015

Just loving this pic! We are on our way to ‪Maestro class after recording for the Right Voice For You video!…

Neuroforskare tittar närmare på Bars!

Blogg 23 april, 2015

Det händer spännande saker just nu! Nyligen på en stor konferens träffade grundarna till Access Conciousness Gary Douglas och Dr….

Neuroscientist looks into the magic of Bars!

Blogg 23 april, 2015

Exiting things are happening! Recently at a big conference the founders of Access Conciousness Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer met…


Blogg 17 april, 2015

Right voice for you is being rocked by amazing people! ‪ #RVFY #beyourvoice #access

Blogg 10 april, 2015

Greetings from me and the irresistible horses! This coming Tuesday we will play with this energy and more in the…

Blogg 8 april, 2015

Omg! Just had this AMAZING ride on the big black kind Gallax! In the most stunning surroundings at the Huntington…

Happy Easter!

Blogg 6 april, 2015

Happy Easter from me and Trixton! John Bootsman, the breeder, says ”He is truly a unique horse! Son of 2…


Blogg 1 april, 2015

”..are you an explosion of possibilities walking..?” – Dain Heer YES!!!! That became very clear during the Symphony of Possibilities…